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We are very proud to carry “Covered by Grace” custom designer hats for children and for adults. Cheryl Tankersley personally designs these hats which are now available in boutiques across VA.

Planet Hair does NOT bill private insurance companies.

We will provide you with a receipt for a cranial prosthesis and code for you to send to your insurance company for reimbursement. Each individual’s insurance policy varies according to their coverage; we advise that you check prior to coming in with your insurance company to see what is covered under your policy.

  • Custom Orders

    If a custom order is placed, there is a 50% deposit required at time order is placed with the remaining balance due upon arrival. All sales are final due to Va. law.

  • Our Wigs

    Our wigs are TRENDY, FUN, NATURAL, and REALISTIC looking! Will people know that it is a wig? Those that know and love you well will know because of your situation. Other people will NOT know! You will look amazing!

  • Comfort and Price

    Each wig is custom fitted for added comfort and trimmed to give you ultimate flattery! The price of the wig includes all custom adjustments needed to ensure client is comfortable with this new experience. Education for wig care, etc., is ALWAYS included!

  • It’s You!

    We have a very diverse and impressive selection of adult hats, turbans, scarves and hair accessories for every need.

Covered By Grace Hats

About Cheryl

“Covered by Grace” began in 2010 by Cheryl Tankersley in Richmond, VA; Cheryl has a background in interior design and is a licensed cosmetologist. However, she boasts that her most precious accomplishments are her children and grandchildren. As she began to make custom hats for her granddaughters, people began to inquire about where they could purchase these hats. These hats also make wonderful and unique gifts for the new arrival and children of friends.

Each hat is custom made and adorned with flowers, feathers, stones and lots of “fru-fru”. We were very excited to introduce our adult line of unique hats for those dealing with hair loss in fall 2011. These unique and one of a kind hats can also be found at Planet Hair and various boutiques around VA.

Life isn‘t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about dancing in the rain.

Over the past 4 years, I began to notice a true need for a beautiful, safe place where women could go for their hair prosthesis needs. One of my precious friends, Ms. Kristy, was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. Watching her deal with the effects of this disease, gave me a desire to do something to help. Kristy was beautiful both inside and out.

I remember the day Kristy came in with her adorable, precious entourage of friends to have us shave her head. That was the day that this ministry was birthed in my heart.

In the fall of 2009, another dear friend came to me for assistance as she was also fighting cancer. After not having much success with “wig shopping”, she asked me to please just order her a wig!

I ordered her a “sassy and fun” wig that continued to bring her compliments and praise, everywhere she went. Her first day at Chemotherapy, brought 2 phone calls from others wanting to know if I could get them one. It was her encouragement and those in her family, that pushed me into what I love to do, encourage people!

Cheryl, you have the knowledge, the beautiful and private room, the personality and the desire to do this.

It is my sincere desire to treat each individual with respect. Knowing the sensitive and vulnerable places women are in who are experiencing hair loss,” I am honored to be allowed to share in this time in their lives.” I pride myself in the highest level of customer service in regards to the selection of a wig and an affirmation in their spirit, knowing that they are beautiful, inside and out. I am an encourager and my ultimate goal is to see a big smile then they walk out of our doors. I count it a true honor to be recommended by some of the top physicians in Richmond. Honesty and integrity are virtues I strive for. Customer service is a priority but my highest goal is to bring peace to your spirit and hope to your soul.